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Who Needs Calgon? De-stress Your Life in Five Minutes or Less


100% of the donations collected for this workshop will be donated
to the family of a 4 year old Austin boy who was just diagnosed with
leukemia in October.

Just in time for the holidays! "Busy" is the new buzz word. Too much
busy-ness leads to burn out. Come learn several low- to no- cost
techniques that will help you handle stress in a whole new and FUN way.
Walk away with some tangible tools to help you the next time you scream,
"Calgon! Take me away!" Suggested donation is $10 per person...cheaper
than a session with your therapist!

Angelique Lugo is a living testimony to stress and how NOT to manage it
(okay, she manages it much better now than she did years ago). A
recovering Type A, she spent many an hour on the therapist's couch and now
holds the key to managing stress on a daily basis. She also taught this
workshop to university students who had public speaking anxiety. Angel's
other hats include being a wife, a mom, a sign language interpreter, and a
Reiki Master. Her information can be found at

A workshop hosted by Sanctuary of the Awakened Soul

Address and details to location revealed upon RSVP.

The Austin Energy Healing And Metaphysical Community
The Austin Energy Healing And Metaphysical Community
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