We are now on Mondays and are now in the Cellar due to the wonderful growth in the group. Since I was ill last week, we are rescheduling our anniversary meetup to this one. Sorry about that! I had the flu last week.

So, I will be bringing a cake and if anyone wants to bring anything else, I have permission from the owner of Genuine Joe's to bring food in. As long as we still meet the room tab.

Thank you for your patience as we worked through changing days!

The room fee is $30 tab per hour for the whole room, which is quite easy to keep up. They have food, soda's and of course coffee. As well as free wifi if you want to bring a laptop or other device.

** I have set up a facebook group for this meetup. This was to make it easier to communicate as a group. You can upload pictures, share links and chat much easier on FB than on this site. The link to join is here:


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