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Austin, TX

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May 29, 2009


Yarn is my life. Also my day job.

Who taught you how to knit/crochet and how long have you been doing it?

I learned back in HS but have only been seriously knitting since my early twenties Mostly self-taught though my mom knits also. Recently I kind of started crocheting. Because knitting, weaving and spinning weren't sufficient to justify my stash but my new digs had space for more yarn.

What's your favorite fiber?

Wools of all flavors.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with loads of cashmere and rosewood needles (or hooks), what would you make?

Cashmere sounds hot and impractical for a desert island. Can I have cotton and linen instead?

For you, does knitting/crocheting seem like it's going to be a passing fancy or a lifelong passion? (Hint: If you've been doing it for more than 3 years, I think we already have your answer.) :)

You can stop knitting? Really?

In which part of Austin do you live? (N, NW, Central, S, SW, Lakeway, Cedar Park, etc.)

way down south