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Strategies of Intimacy

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Join Chris and Keli Gingolph as they examine the unconscious forces that can either help or harm the intimacy in a relationship. Together we will explore how the "Map of the Relationship" can illuminate the path to happiness by circumventing complications, while offering a richer, more robust map of the world than we can create on our own. We will also learn how the unconscious forces that inexplicably create challenges in our relationships can be turned around and leveraged to create connection and happiness by deciding that instead of fighting with each other, to fight together AGAINST the problem. All the while avoiding instances where we may achieve closure prematurely leaving our partner unfulfilled and creating missed-communication.


Chris has been studying and working with NLP for 25 years. He formally trained with Tad James (Practitioner and MP) and later with Richard Bandler & John LaValle (CE & PE). Although, he no longer accepts private clients he uses NLP daily in a sales and teaching capacity to help people quickly gain confidence and skill with unfamiliar technologies.

Keli was first introduced to NLP by Chris and has seen it make profound differences in her own life. She is a healer and Reiki Master who has enjoyed the benefit of daily instruction for the last four years from Chris, who is a natural teacher. Recently she also decided to undergo formal training in NLP and was blessed to be a part of Tom Best's final Evolutionary NLP & NLP Practitioner Classes, the latter completed by Keith Fail.

Chris and Keli share a passion for happy, successful relationships that grew from their own life experiences as they searched for "the perfect partner". They had many varied learning experiences leading up to the point where they finally found one another. From the beginning of their relationship, they knew that something was different, and as that realization set in, they sought to understand the "Difference that made the difference". Together, they diligently and playfully analyze their relationship, applying NLP principles to it, extracting any patterns they find, and above all, ensuring that they ecologically make the relationship more fulfilling, more fun, and more habitually wonderful! In the NLP spirit of sharing what we learn, they have decided to bring their patterns of playfulness and models of a happy marriage to the community as a whole.

Cost: $5