Cross Site Forgery and Building Your Own Slack!

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Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

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Hi Austin Noders!

We've got some great talks for everyone this month! Save the date for the 3rd Wed of this month, at uShip. Speaker announcements coming soon!

Lightning Talk – Deepak Parasam – Cross Site Request Forgery

CSRF is a widely exploited security vulnerability and yet it is commonly overlooked.
We will spend some time understanding what CSRF is, how it happens and some ways in which we can mitigate it.
Finally we will walk through a short demo application which demonstrates the problem and a possible solution.

Feature Talk – Ian Jennings – Building your own Slack: How I built a Javascript framework to help you build chat

It's not all emoji and GIFs, chat is a complex beast that Node and Javascript are perfect for. This is the story of how I developed PubNub ChatEngine, a Javascript framework for building chat apps. With more than 200k embeds per month and 1,000 installs a week, ChatEngine is one of the most popular solutions for building chat. Learn the whole story from the first meeting to launch and beyond. Discover what an object oriented event emitter is, learn how to create a Node package that supports plugins, and gain insight into what it's like invent, ship, and support a production Javascript framework.

If you have ideas for a talk and would like to hop up to the podium, send ideas our way! Looking for talks on topics like using node for AI, ML, robots, using docker with node, code sharing with react or react-native, blockchain madness, bots, IoT, language perks and quirks, security, or any other interesting topic you'd like to share. We've got room for feature talks (30mins) and lightning talks (5 - 15 minutes) this month and next!

We'll be at uShip this month. Thanks to uShip for hosting! It's going to be a great event!

See you there!