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Austin PHP -- Code Review-A-Thon

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Keith Casey will be moderating a live code review, so show up and spread the "love". Bring (drag) your significant others and bring some code! What better way to show your significant other how much you care for them to give them a chance to see you criticized in public. :P

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind, all criticism has to be constructive - criticizing someone else is easy but rarely useful!

Four types of things to look for:

Logical/Fundamental issues - Obviously this includes syntax errors - there were none - but also things related to the proper flow and functionality of the class.

Security/Performance issues - Just because code works as designed doesn't mean it doesn't do other things you don't want it to. Or to put it more coherently: the code should accomplish the desired task and no more while using the required resources efficiently.

Best Practices/Standards - This is somewhat of a squishy subject. There are numerous competing coding standards out there and they're competing for valid reasons. Luckily, Best Practices are relatively clear and becoming more established.

Style/Preference Choices - This is the squishiest point of all. This starts to touch on the design of the code versus the rest of the system, whether the code should support multiple [choose one: operating systems, databases, http functionality] which really only matters if the code is supposed to be re-distributable.

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