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Rspec, Transactions, and Auto Increment

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Nathan H. and Konstantin S.


2023 is here! and AustinRB is ready to kick off the year with our first talk since 2020. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and excited for the new year.

Speaker: Konstantin Sykulev

Abstract: When testing code using a Postgres database convention calls for the use of transactional fixtures. At the start of each test you begin a transaction and after all asserts are complete that transaction is rolled back and the database remains pristine. This allows parallel test runners to easily share a single database without any clever code to support isolation. However, not all primitives behave the same way in the context of a transaction. We’ll take a look at auto incrementing sequences and why they are different.

Location: Literati has graciously offered up a location for us to meet this month. It's right next to better half on 5th St near N. Lamar. Also, please use the literati parking lot and not the better half parking lot.

There will be pizza and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages provided courtesy of Weedmaps.

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1145 W 5th St · Austin, TX