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Awareness, Authenticity, and Awakening

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The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. ~ C.G. Jung

Are you ready to re-connect to the unique, precious ray of light that you are and shine your gifts into the world? Can you imagine the peace of being centered in your authenticity and the joy of living in the now, released from the limitations of the past and freed from any worry about the future?

It is possible to awaken to be authentically, fully, happily YOU. Join Shiila Safer and Dan Gauthier, for a free talk that will give you the tools and energy to reclaim your authentic, radiant self.

The Toltec were a group of people in Central and South Mexico who came together to study perception and discovered a powerful secret universal principle: That we are all dreaming and through our dreaming we create our own reality.

During this inspiring evening you will learn the pathway to inner healing and personal freedom through consciously creating your own reality using the three Toltec masteries and the pathway laid out by the Toltecs in the ancient pyramid complex of Teotihuacan.

Most importantly, you will learn how to use everything in your life to support you in bringing more love and gratitude to each day, even during difficult times.


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