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The Australian School of Energetics was founded in October 2017 by Reiki Master Adam Wiltshire and is based in Sydney, Australia. It is an evolution of the Parasense intuition development community that has been offering classes across Sydney since 2015.

The school was formed with the heartfelt intention to form an acredited learning environment for the study, education and personal development of practitioners in the fields of natural healing and energy work. ASE teaches classes in the ancient martial art of Tai Chi, the movement meditation technique of QiGong, the practice of chakra balancing meditation, intuition development workshops and courses in the Reiki Usui Tradition of Energy Healing.

Our classes are available to people of all backgrounds, races, religions, genders, beliefs and nationalities. We have a diverse community of people from all over the world and provide an inclusive and supportive space for personal growth and spiritual development. The classes are suitable for all levels of practice from beginner through to advanced and offer progression opportunities up to teacher level.

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Testimonials from students

"I have been blessed to have been able to experience reiki, tai chi and meditation circles led by Adam. Adam is an amazing teacher. He is easy going and makes you feel comfortable immediately. He is very experienced and well researched and helps you to understand where you are at and how you can develop yourself further. Adam is a true healer that I look forward to continuing to work with him" - Monica Graham

"Friday night, after a busy work week, i was drained. At the end of this workshop i felt energised and happy. Adam as a facilitator, was clear, informative and nuturing towards all participants. I'm looking forward to leading and experiencing more over the next 7 weeks.” Daneita Jones

"Adam is great facilitator. Did the Aura Gazing workshop with ASE. had a very powerful experience where I was taken into a deeply relaxed and hypnogogic State followed by the mantra chanting which definitely made my third eye throb. I would definitely recommend doing workshops with him as he is passionate , open hearted and compassionate and patient.” Vivek Naidu

"I highly recommend Adam and ASE!!! I've been attending the meditation class since last year and have learnt much from him. He is also a phenomenal, Qualified Reiki Practitioner. He also teaches Tai Chi and Qigong, Go and check out his classes if you are around and interested in developing in any of these areas!!!” Zion Wong

"I have been attending Adam’s QiGong classes for a few months and after sessions I always feel deeply at peace and more connected to my body. He is a dedicated teacher who has spent many years studying and practicing QiGong and his deep respect and knowledge of this tradition makes him an excellent teacher.” Ali Sanders

"Adam is a highly practised and aware reiki master with deep knowledge & precision in his administration & transmission of Reiki. I felt trust and sensitivity in his presence. Highly recommended” Niki Dyson

"I have just completed a 8 week Chakra Awakening Course with Adam Wiltshire and I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to do the course, as Adam is an excellent teacher and everything he teaches is very clear to understand. With what I have learnt in this course about my Chakras, I feel I have had a big change in the way I look at things now, and I am able to heal situations in my life more easily. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in changing their life.” Maryann Wade

About the Founder

BBA Hons. Business Administration, Reiki Master Teacher Degree, Tai Chi & QiGong Instructor Level 1

Adam Wiltshire is the Founder of the Australian School of Energetics. He is a Reiki Master Teacher, Tai Chi & QiGong Instructor, Energetic Healer and Meditation Facilitator. He is passionate about popularising eastern forms of medicine, health and wellbeing to the West

Adam’s work creates a fusion of movement, fitness, meditation and natural healing to create powerful shifts in individual awareness and heal pain in a natural way.

He runs a reiki healing clinic based in Glebe alongside Tai Chi, Reiki and Meditation courses across the inner west. His teaching is influenced by his extensive studies in the Reiki Usui Tradition and draws on TCM & Taoist philosophy.
http://www.australianschoolofenergetics.com (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.australianschoolofenergetics.com%2F&h=AT2IKriAqnbRnIsydHKzDYJ9FonpvrmhIi6O1tPQf315zGfpSqi3yQiWX2XXofJhdusYHCg2-RlSguVMUBX4rxaADRe0Q-kthAlqv9Ukr9O_LIKqev9jUnpzrlBWTKJh74_gREk&s=1)

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Learn Qigong- Wednesday, 7:15pm Balmain

RedoHealth - Physiotherapy, Women's Health Physiotherapy

Learn Qigong - Tuesday 9:30am, Balmain

RedoHealth - Physiotherapy, Women's Health Physiotherapy

A Taste of Qigong - Newtown

Collective Healing Centre

A Taste of Qigong - Balmain

RedoHealth - Physiotherapy, Women's Health Physiotherapy


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