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Conscious Connections through Circling
Circling is one of the single most impactful practices I have ever engaged in. It is an in the moment practice of presence in relation to oneself and to others. Circling is an opportunity to feel seen and appreciated - just as each one is. It provides an opening to see barriers that keep us feeling isolated, lonely, and fearful AND to see that which enhances our sense of connection as well. I find it a deeply enriching and satisfying way of relating and discovering more about myself and others. Circling is far better experienced than explained. I encourage you to come and experience it for yourself. If you have never been and want to hear more, perhaps the poem below which is written by Sara Ness will help. It captures the beauty of Circling for me. When was the last time someone saw you? Or cared enough to try? Has anyone looked past your guards Or held you as you cried? How often do you feel you matter? Safe to show your heart? Free to tell your truth, be "too much", or fall apart? Have you ever felt true love with strangers you just met? And what if we can all be here with nowhere else to get? You think that you aren't perfect. I plan to prove you wrong. Come sit with us just as you are - In being, you belong. NOTE: I am asking $10-$20 per person. My heart's desire is to share this powerful practice with others. If you are unable to pay, simply message me and let me know - I do not want that to be a barrier for anyone who genuinely wants to experience this practice. I trust you will pay it forward when you can afford to or perhaps in kindness, referrals or in greater authentic relating with others - which I believe serves us all.

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Create Connection Now is a group that comes together for Authentic Relating Game Nights, Circling, discussions and other means of spiritual practice and personal emergence. Our focus is to create a community that affords everyone opportunities for transformation and growth. It is a safe container in which you can truly be yourself, be known and be seen.

This is a warm and fun gathering of friends, gently facilitated to bring out the best of each of us. It is about relating more authentically and in so doing, creating more conscious connection with ourselves and with others. We move toward authenticity, which involves living in a way that allows each of us to Awaken to our Unique Essence and share that with others through deep connection, Moment by Moment.

This group might be for you if: You want deeper, richer, more fulfilling connections with other people. You’re tired of the conversations you typically have when you meet new people. You want to feel closer to someone you already know and see what’s possible in your relating with that person. You’re simply curious and are willing to try something new!

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