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Your book is your legacy. Becoming an author can change your life—not to mention give you the ability to impact thousands, even millions, of people.

But writing a book isn’t easy. As a bestselling author, I can tell you: this journey is one worth taking.​

We offer step-by-step instructions to eliminate that overwhelming feeling as you gain knowledge of what you need to know to become a best seller.

Determine your readership, Design your Style and introduce elements of the genre, Create the book with a step-by-step proven system, Editing your work, Creating an Effective Pre-Launch, Introducing Book Launch, and Signings, Networking With Authors & Readers, Sweat Equity Marketing Campaigns, Business Development and Publicity.

When you sign online at https://www.authorenterprise.com/membership that includes:

Monthly Networking Events, Weekly Tea-Time challenge meetups, classroom instruction, one on one strategy meetings, book creation, advice, support, annual retreats, literary conferences and workshops, newsletters, updates, author blasts, and listing publically on our AuthorEnterprise.com site.

About Me:

Ms. Nietert has over 15+ years of experience in the literary world, navigating all the aspects of what creates a successful book. From writing the book to promoting it, she loves to teach authors how not to make the same mistakes she made. Having been the vice president of a 600 million dollar company and after spending years working with CEOs and Big Business during the Houston Oil boom of the ’90s, she says she was used to the cut-throat world of business, but she was amazed at how challenging the literary industry could be. Early on she fell prey to one of many pitfalls in the industry; “It just wasn’t like any other industry I had seen.” Despite her business savvy, she had managed to align herself with a very dishonest publishing house. She would later find that several publishers and promoters were playing similar scams, promising a lot, but delivering very little. “I was bound to a contract without any royalty payment from a vanity press that deemed themselves a publishing house.” Never being one to back down from a fight, she brought her fight to the news media and won, ending with this particular publishing company filing for bankruptcy and going out of business. These experiences only fueled her passion to inspire and encourage authors. “Nothing bothers me more than to see someone prey on another person’s hopes and dreams.” She spends much of her time researching and testing the markets, staying on top of the trends, and understanding what works and what doesn’t. She is an expert at marketing and frequently shares her knowledge and experience of how to navigate the fundamentals to create a bestselling product. “There are so many differences between publishing options; there’s vanity, self, independent, hybrid, and traditional. Understanding which one works best for you can make all the difference.” She founded Easton-Books. com is a platform to assist authors with a Full Spectrum Publishing House. By 2020, the company was so successful that she converted the site to AUTHOR ENTERPRISE.COM offering writing services, promotion assistance, membership, webinar instruction, video tutorials, publishing services, and much more.

Ms. Nietert coaches over 1200 local authors she mentors through Lone Star Writer's Club, and several other local DFW entities.

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Abantu Book Festival

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Abantu Book Festival Eyethu Lifestyle Centre & Soweto Theatre, Soweto, South Africa Date: December 2020 – Dates to be Announced Website: Abantu Book Festival Email: [masked] Description: Abantu Book Festival is an annual literary event held in Soweto, South African’s artistic heartland, featuring authors from South Africa, Africa, and the diaspora. Abantu is the Nguni word for people, which makes this the people’s festival. Our vision is simple—We see a Soweto with a vibrant culture of reading. https://www.abantubooks.co.za

Carolina Mountains Literary Festival

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Carolina Mountains Literary Festival Burnsville, North Carolina, Date: September 2020 – Dates to be Announced Website: Carolina Mountains Literary Festival Email: [masked] Description: The festival idea was born when a small group of local citizens and businesspersons spontaneously came together ten years ago around the goal of giving greater exposure to the art of writing and the joys of reading in an area already famed for its colony of artists in other media. Originally, that group consisted of literacy advocate Myrna Stephens; Wendy Reid, owner of The Design Gallery; poet Britt Kaufmann; children’s book author Karen Miller; artist Anne Sabri, and health care consultant and aspiring writer Ruth Perschbacher Price and her husband, historical novelist Charles F. Price. Now it also includes Dr. Dan Barron, former director of the Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Regional Libraries, downtown booster Lucy Gregory Doll, poet and community volunteer Kathy Weisfeld, librarian, runner, super-mom and new director of the Avery-Mitchell-Yancey Regional Libraries Amber Westall Briggs, artist and arts advocate Jane Brown Willig, and many others. http://cmlitfest.org

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Mosaic Literary Conference

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