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What we’re about

This is our new email for all good things around "film in project"

This is our creative endeavour to express our individuality, our journeys & raise awareness through a film & art process.

Our Aim - to create better understanding and acceptance.To reach the hearts of many that have felt alone in and on their journeys.

Through a creative process of the arts, we will weave together a multi dimensional and very beautiful opening film : expressing the individually of our worlds.

Questions can be asked to create conversation among us.

No need to be on camera if you don't wish- I will make sure your message is still delivered.

Alongside the film process we will literally weave together a textile piece made from 100 autistic people's input!

-This was inspired by three honey bees 🐝 that came to visit my home

carrying the message of community ~ inspiring me with their honeycomb structure; interlinked and each part, in support of another-

Contribute to this however you wish!

Be it simply selecting a colour, choosing a piece of fabric, some wording, a photograph or helping to connect all of the pieces to make its final.

We have been kindly donated some fabric and also have a place in Croydon to ensemble the final piece!

And the story will not stop after the first film, already we feel very strongly and passionate about creating a further docu-film based around woman & autism- diagnoses, mis diagnoses, un-masking, the education system for autistic girls (teaching more life skills) and many more important topics.

Equally we feel we must create another for the male perspective. Men, I need you to help me here please.

Perhaps also one around stimming and self regulating, asking that it is more accepted.

There is so much to be done and I believe we can do this together. With all of our gifts we can create something very special indeed, something life changing.

My hope is that we will help make a difference and create conversation, better understanding and a better world.

If you have ideas, please do not hesitate to contact me

With best wishes,