UX Design & the 7 Deadly Sins with Peter W. Szabo

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Hey All,

For our first official meet-up for the Agile UX group, we thought it would be a great idea to have a talk on best practices in UX design. An area that I'm sure will raise a lot of interesting discussion points.

The theme of the talk will be; UX Design and the 7 Deadly Sins

(There's actually 10 sins in this talk but hey! I'm a sucker for a catchy title.)

We will look at the do's of UX design by dissecting the don'ts! covering:

• Abundance of features

• Trying to create the final design at first try

• Neglecting mobile

• Wasting money on buzzword experts

• Doing pointless UX research/experiment

• Not continuing usability research after release

• Being afraid of new things ...

and Why? you should avoid them at all costs!

Speaker: Peter W. Szabo - Head of UX at WhatUsersDo.com

Peter is a UX Evangelist and a passionate writer and conference speaker, you can read up on some of his insightful blogs here: http://kaizen-ux.com/

Live Drawing/Visualisation :-)

I'm excited to announce that we will have the lovely Aurora Suriel from Thoughtworks doing a live drawing of the talk. Following the great feedback from the Visualisation Meet-up we did recently I thought it would be great for the community to see a live visualisation and pick up some tips in the process. @aurorasuriel (https://twitter.com/aurorasuriel)

The meet-up hosts & sponsors will be Huddle :-) they will be providing pizza and beer! so a big thanks to them. @huddle (https://twitter.com/huddle)

Look forward to seeing you there,

Amaad Qureshi - Organiser