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    • Joined Jul 11, 2019
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      We now have a Piper Challenger and love it.
    • Joined Mar 28, 2016
      48 year old aviation enthusiast. Just recently completed checkride.
    • Joined Dec 2, 2015
      Recent first time owner, Cessna 182, ready to explore the world (at least our little slice of it)
    • Joined Dec 18, 2014
      I grew up with aviation, soloed on my 16th birthday, and after a long hiatus I returned to aviation in 2014. I'm based out of Deer Valley Muni where I have a Cherokee 180, and also have an RV-12. I look for excuses to fly!
    • Joined May 1, 2014
      I'm Andrea. I've been flying since I was 17, soloed at 18, and didn't complete my license until I was 33. Took me a while, but I've always loved it. I just moved from Denver, Colorado and would love to meet up with some pilots again!
    • Joined Dec 5, 2013
      My name is Collin. I am married to Terri and we have a 5-year old boy named Chace and baby boy named Liam. We live in Tucson AZ and enjoy flying.
    • Joined Feb 1, 2013
      Webmaster for the Arizona Pilots Association
    • Joined Apr 24, 2012
      Hello…I learned to fly at Van Nuys, CA, worked for PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) out of Burbank in flight operations back in the 70’s. I’m now based out of DVT with a Cherokee 140 I bought about 5 years ago.
    • Joined Sep 26, 2011
      It's awfully fun to fly with people who have the same passion that you do...so a flying/pilot group is perfect ! Lots of fun, interesting people and the knowledge shared has only improved my flying.
    • Joined Aug 16, 2011
      Hi, I'm a private pilot in the north valley. Hope to someday own, but I'm a renter till then. =P
    • Joined Jan 21, 2011
      I am a pilot, instrument rated, land and sea planes, and African pilot's license. I have 3,000 hours and own a Mooney. I have flown all over the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, and Africa.
    • Joined Aug 4, 2010
      Hi, Sarah Clark here. I'm 28 and the office manager at Arizona Aviation Flight Services. Been flying since I can remember and love to get up as much as possible :)
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      I love flying!
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    • Joined Apr 3, 2009
      I am a pilot in PHX, looking to join other pilots for some fun flying!
    • Official PPG Role Model Pilot
      Joined Feb 9, 2009
      Flying formation, bantering on the com, sneak attacks, a few, "Hey y'all, watch this" is fun. Pitts owner, ultralights, hang glide, R/C. Tow Pilot, Plumbing Contractor. Flying is like knowing a secret no one else knows.
    • Co-organizer, Official PPG Graphic Artist
      Joined Sep 18, 2008
      I own a 1966 Piper Cherokee 140 out of KDVT. I've spent the majority of my aircraft ownership years, improoving my old little bird into something I can be proud of. If you want to know about Paint &/or Interior upgrades, I've got the knowledge now.
    • Joined Sep 2, 2008
      Memberof Angel Flight, have done prof aerial photography.Have "Bliss"- a S35 Bonanza girl, & a Citabria.Learning the ropes to fly now for The Flying Samaritans. Flown assortment of aircraft over the years. Have been flying on and off for over 40 yr
    • Joined Jul 22, 2008
      KCHD, retired, like aviation, music, movies.