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~ A Free Evening Dowsing Presentation~

"Dowsing creates a high frequency environment, that is free of stress and density causing resistance in our life. Resistance such as ill health, relationship conflicts, lack of heart resonance and synchronistic flow"

Golden Light Attunement

· How Dowsing "quickens" Individual and Collective Coherence
· Why Dowsing is an essential tool for Well Being and Conscious Soul Evolution
Learn About:
· Geopathic Stress Lines: Depletes the immune system, creates dense energy
· Interference Lines: Impacts our mental clarity and focus, creates confusion
· Negative Vortexes: Attracts addictions, arguing and financial loss
· Negative Hartmann and Curry Lines: Amplifies nervous system disorders
· Positive Vortexes: Creates Calmness, Coherence and uplifting energy

RSVP & directions call Stacey[masked] or Shelley[masked]

About Shelley:
Shelley discovered after counseling hundreds of individuals, that even after years of spiritual and personal growth work, they were still struggling with limitations, relationship conflicts and ill health. After personally experiencing Dowsing, she was awestruck that how after dowsing a house or business, there were immediate, powerful, visible shifts in her client's life.
Today, Shelley offers a dynamic, whole systems approach that includes personal mentoring, combined with the information revealed from one's home environment. Golden Light Dowsing is a highly effective transformational journey; creating a high frequency, coherent field within the home, business and property, that opens and elevates consciousness and increases individual capacity to align with one's Soul Destiny.
Shelley travels and consults around the world, revealing the dramatic shift and magic that occurs, when resistance in our home, school, business environments and property are dowsed. She is also blessed to connect with and work with the indigenous energy to help heal Earth trauma through Dowsing.

NOTE: Shelley will be in San Diego & Laguna for just a few days! Call for availability for a personal home or business Dowsing. Contact:[masked] for scheduling appointments and inquiries.