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Calling ALL heart centred Female Entrepreneurs, leaders, Healers, Creatives, visionary’s, Mothers, Change Makers, & Love Makers!

“Our world is being destroyed by the masculine. We have come so far away from a simpler time, a time of peace, a time of truth, and a time of togetherness, when nature was more protected, community was encouraged, the Goddess was praised & women had a bigger role. I strongly feel that our world is longing for us women to help heal, nurture, & restore it back to peace, harmony, & beauty, only the way a woman’s heart can do. With your help we can build our sisterhood, a beautiful tribe of empowered & unleashed women & claim back our place within this world!” ~ Gaia Rose ~

Thanks Gaia, I couldn't have said it better. When meetup said they were going to close this group if no one claimed it, I took it over a few months ago and am looking forward to enlivening it and making it happen. Watch this space! I'm nearly ready.

Love to you


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