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Yoga, Tantra and Massage Retreat
Come and enjoy a unique weekend by the sea. Breathe fresh sea air, enjoy yoga and tantra massage, meditations, gentle walks along the beach, relaxing evenings by the open fire and have lots of fun. Start: Friday 6 pm End: Sunday 1 pm "Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it". This retreat will help you tune in, get out of your head and into your body; drop the ego; recharge your energy. Go out of your comfort zone to experience growth, pleasure, ecstasy and bliss. "The fault dear Brutus is not in the stars but in ourselves" Liberate yourself, drop your conditioning, get out of emotional slavery; release fear, guilt, shame and the associated neurosis. Learn to replace any negative self-image, low self-esteem with self-love, healing and pleasure. Time permitting, we will explore both dynamic and relaxing healing therapies. These include Partner yoga, martial arts, kundalini yoga kriyas, naked yoga, healing Tao. cultivating and channeling sexual vitality, the micro-cosmic orbit, becoming multi-orgasmic; active/dynamic meditations involving cathartic work, primal scream, energetic release and healing love; holistic five pillar massage, contact improvisation dance, belly dance, tango, ecstatic dance, hugging, connecting and laughter. Expect lots of laughter, hugs and deep connections. You will stay at Rossetti Lodge in shared dorm rooms. COST: £150, Pay by Paypal ([masked]) or bank transfer. BOOKING: Please RSVP Yes, and send me a message with a contact email and tel number. I will then send you a retreat questionnaire. Workshops, Walks, Mysore style Yoga Self-practice Time permitting, we will aim to have have 4 group workshops with talks and practice sessions. There will also be opportunities for mysore style self-practice yoga. There are lovely coastal walks in this area. We also have cycles to explore the beautiful viking coastal trail. Facilitator: James Khan Travel to Rossetti Lodge 1. Trains The Lodge is a short walk from Birchington train station, with its regular fast trains to London Victoria and Kings Cross/St Pancras. Cost £35, time around 1:40 mins. Advance tickets from £10 each way. 2. Buses There are regular National Express buses from Victoria. Cost £15 each way, time around 2 hours. 3. By Car and car share It is about an hour and half's drive from London, Around 50 mins from Blackwall Tunnel. Please mention how you will travel and maybe offer or share a ride with someone. House Care There will be up to an hour each day of house care such as helping with food preparation and cleaning. This is part of Karma Yoga, the Yoga of Service where you give a little of your time to the house and the group, learn and practice mindfulness meditation (observe your thoughts) and bring loving kindness into your actions. Contact: James,[masked]

Rossetti Lodge Health Spa

3 Sea View Road, Birchington On Sea, Kent · CT7 9LB


What we're about

Hello and Welcome to Awakening the Goddess Within!

The Goddess within every women is asleep. She is yearning to be awakened, nurtured and allowed to explore the sensual mysteries of her inner universe.

Awakening the Goddess within you is a journey of self-discovery, a process of relaxation, of allowing yourself to receive pleasure and to surrender to unexplored passions within. The moving mind is stilled, allowed to sleep, the attention is brought to the body, to the breath, to the physicality and to the desire of the heart. The male Shiva and female Shakti polarities are activated and harmonized in the body, all in full awareness.

Kundalini is sacred sexual energy that lies dormant or asleep at the base of the spine. The aim is to awaken and raise this kundalini energy so as to achieve liberation, union and true self-realization.

When the sleeping Goddess within is awakened, when the Kundalini force of the divine Shakti is honoured and raised up the spine you will flower and experience pleasure, union, oneness, bliss. Then, like the flowering of the lotus seed transforms the water around it, bringing light and life into the pond, your flowering will bring love and healing to transform the world around you.

Our classes and workshops will be fun, nurturing and life transforming. There will be elements of Meditation, Pranayama, Chi Gung, Tantra, Tao, Kundalini, Chanting, Loving Touch and Play, Massage, Bodywork and Dance.

As well as inner growth and adventure you will meet other like minded Shaktis to bond with, and to anchor and strengthen your transformation process with.


"The world will be saved by Western women"

Dalai Lama

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