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Are you ready to discover what AWAKE meditation really is? Can you ever imagine living in a world that is fresh, vibrant, open, stress-free, no more fear, no anxieties, no worry, no sadness, no anger, but instead truly happy and free, disturbed by nothing? A world where you can see things clearly, make decisions from clarity, and understand everything about yourself and everything around you? A world that is completely free of ego and instead completely AWAKE? You have found the right place.

Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien is the founder and guiding teacher of Universal Door Meditation Center since 2003. She is a real living example of someone who has Awakened and lives in the AWAKE world everyday 24/7! She compassionately guides everyone of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures, step by step how to live with the Awakened happiness within.

We invite you to discover the Awake world that Zen Master Thich Dieu Thien lives in so that you too can be truly happy no matter where you are. Through the practice of AWAKE Meditation guided by ZM Thich Dieu Thien, your life can transform in ways you can't imagine!

Start the practical steps toward finding what the AWAKE world really is to live truly happy anytime, anywhere, always. Whether you are new to meditation or have some experience along the way, everyone is welcome to join our weekly one-hour AWAKE Meditation orientation which meets every Tuesday from 7:00-8:00pm. Come visit Universal Door Meditation Center, find out what AWAKE meditation is all about. RSVP is needed. Come, listen, ask, share, and experience the countless benefits of connecting to ZM Thich Dieu Thien's Awake world. We hope to see you soon!

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