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If you are a Growth Oriented Entrepreneur, who loves to learn, and loves more if it comes all packed up in a wholesome experiential package like over a drive, in the woods while hiking, or trekking up to the top of the mountain, or crossing that river, or simply a group sport or a strategic game. There are so many ways to learn and grow in life, we'll be using and experimenting with almost all of them.

What all would you learn?

Well everything that means Business, Money & Beyond..
but to be specific you'd learn to..

✔️ Maximize your Business Returns by 3 Folds
✔️ Reduce your 'Time at Work' by half, and double your 'Efficiency' effortlessly
✔️ Maximize your Profits and ROIs by 2 Folds
✔️ Create a CORE TEAM that replicates your abilities to around 70-80%
✔️ Actualize your WILL & Master DECISION MAKING, once and for all!
✔️ Emerge as an Original Leader, None-of-its-Kind!
✔️ Master Human Perceptions & Communication Dynamics
✔️ Be a Leadership Performance Coach to your Team, and also for the Market
✔️ Create Effortless WELL-BEING & Fitness
✔️ Rise above Work-Life Balance, and HARMONIZE it all in ONE!
✔️ Experience Deep Sense of Meaningfulness, by doing more of what you truly Love and Value
✔️ Maximize your Creativity Quotient & Become an INNOVATOR
✔️ Embed Self Love in Lifestyle, and Maximize your Happiness, Health & Harmony!
✔️ Create a Visionary Organization, that perpetually keeps giving Meaningfulness, Well-being and Abundance, of all sorts, to all beings..

Along with all this, you'd also become a part our small group events, where you can interact and get your questions resolved to your satisfaction.

Let’s start from where we stop Thinking!
Enough of fighting these "Issues"
Let's talk "Solutions" now.

We want you to smartly invest just 6 hours in a month, i.e. 3 hours at the Meetup once in a month, and then 1.5 hour each on 2 fortnightly Interactive Live Webinars, that's all it takes!
An Interactive Q&A based Live Strategic Consulting on Real Time Challenges, Objectives, Actionable & Solutions.
All we expect you to do is bring along all kind of Practical Questions with a Commitment to getting them addressed then and there.
When we talk all this, it will be Recorded (with your identities hidden) and will be shared across other Platforms for other Entrepreneurs for their reference.
So that Growth of one becomes Evolution of All.
If you find the Meetup useful, recommend this to others or write us a testimonial or just simply share the video with anyone and everyone you feel it can Benefit from it, with no reservation of any sorts!
We are Game with every question you have, no excuse no escape, Absolute logical clarity,
But only if you are ready invest your Time and Energy, with absolute openness to Learn, Understand & Take Charge of your Life.

Monthly Subscription - INR 5,000/- Per Person Per Month

If the Meetup Events, Webinars and our Content is not found useful to you, you'll receive 100% refund, when claimed within first 30 days.

Contact: ANSH +91 8484 88 9582 | ARPIT +91 97011 58070

Rise & Shine,

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