Berlin AWS Group Meetup (Kindly hosted by Architrave GmbH)

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18:45 - Arrival, networking

19:10 - "Making S3-based web applications secure and privacy complaint"

Speaker: Guy Lifshitz (Mostly Secure)

Abstract: The presentation will discuss design pattern and implementational strategies for making S3-based web applications secure and complaint with the recent privacy regulations. A real-world use case, using cryptographic access control scheme for user-centric data sharing will be presented and analyzed (SWOT).

Level 200

19:40 - Break, networking

19:50 - "Serverless Containers - Nodeless Kubernetes & Vertical Pod Autoscaling"

Speaker: Yael Grossman (SpotInst)

Abstract: "Serverless Containers" or "Nodeless Kubernetes", is the future of Containers infrastructure.

Matching and scaling the right infrastructure to ever-changing micro-services deployments is a challenge. In this talk, we will review the evolution of Containers Auto Scaling in Kubernetes both Horizontal and Vertical, discuss the trade-offs, and introduce a new approach to deploy Serverless Containers in a "Nodeless" cluster. No Infrastructure or instances to manage, just Containers that can self-optimized themselves.

Level 300