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Armored Maelstrom- A Tide of Iron Scenario

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Come on over for squad level mayhem. Here are the scenario details; " While the 2nd SS Panzer Corps was still trying to push north at Prokhorsovka, the Wehrmacht panzer grenadier division Grossdeutschland was to join in the final push and break the stalemate at Kursk. Instead the elite "GD" had to rush to the flank of the XLVII Panzer Corps where Soviet counterattacks threatened to break through. On 12 July 1943, an ad hoc armored engagement began as"GD" fought the Soviet 10th Tank Corps and 145th SU Regiment for control of the village of Novenkoe.

Starting units for Soviet Division 1: 7 squad bases, 4 elite and 16 regular infantry, 2 officers, 2 machine gun crews, 1 motor crew, 2 Zis 76.2 AT guns and 4 KV-1s. One expert and one medic token. Division 2 starts with 5 squad bases, 2 elite and 13 regular infantry. 1 machine gun crew and 1 mortar crew. 1 Zis 76.2 AT gun. 4 SU-122s. One medic token.

German division 1 starts with 8 squad bases, 6 elite and 20 regular infantry, 2 officers,1 machine gun crew, 1 mortar crew, 4 Opel blitz trucks, 4 panthers and 1 panzer 4. One expert, one medic and one flamethrower token. Division 2 starts with 3 squad bases. 2 elite and 9 regular infantry. 1 officer, 1pak 40 AT gun, 1 tiger and 3 panzer 4s. German division 2 gets reinforcements on status phase of round 2. Both Soviet divisions get reinforcements of the status phase of round 4. Germans get more on status phase of of round 5 and the soviets on status phase of round 6.

This is a 10 round game and one hell of a big armored battle, be prepared to have some serious fun. Please update what side you want to play on. Some snacks/drinks provided, more always welcome.