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We're a group for those who want to grow spiritually, mentally and physically through sacred medicinal plants. This is the time for you to experience an awakening!

Join us for ceremonies that will bring profound changes to your daily life

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We have finally found medicinal plants that aid in discovering our purpose, and remembering our true selves. We come together to regain our power within, to live life to the fullest, and find peace within. We are gathered here to support your healing journey, and also bring what we have learned from the plants back to our real world. The sacred sacraments has been around for thousands of years, and is used by amazon tribes. We call this plant a medicine of the soul because it deserves respect. By using this sacrements, it will bring profound changes in your life, and lives of those around us.

Our leader, Jarvis, has participated in over 600 ceremonies, and has been trained by a shaman to lead the ceremony, and create a safe space for all of us to reconnect to the wisdom or answers we might want to be solved within ourselves and with each other. His goal is to offer you a connection to a community of like-minded beings who offer their wisdom on this path of spiritual awakening. Each of us has a unique and equally important gift to offer. Everyone has a vision. Everyone holds a special space in the circle of ceremony, and in the larger circle that is life. There are no secrets on the path to awakening. There is only truth, and that truth is for everyone to share.

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