Enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere of the largest Japanese cultural festival in the United States, featuring food, arts and culture, merchandise, and live traditional and J-Pop performances on four stages, including martial arts demonstrations.

Sakura Matsuri stretching for nearly one mile through the streets of downtown Washington DC, from near the White House to FBI headquarters, the Sakura Matsuri is held each spring as the climax of the three-week National Cherry Blossom Festival. On good weather days, it has drawn over 40,000 visitors in 7 hours.

Attendees to the festival can buy tickets on-line at or pay cash at any of the festival entrances on the day of the festival.

METRO: Federal Triangle, Blue/Orange lines;
Metro Center, Blue/Orange/Red lines.

PARKING: Good luck :-) Garage or metro in

Time: 10:30 AM – 6 PM
Location: 12th Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Cost: $5 per person (13 years of age or older)


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