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Prana(life force) Deeksha & Soul Sync Meditation. Manifest your hearts desire
Experience the NEW! Prana (life force) Deeksha (transmission of divine energy) in this rare and powerful evening that is bringing miracles and fulfillment at beautifully awesome and startling rates! It raises your level of consciousness where you no longer feel a sense of separation, but experience a state of oneness with all creation, with life and the Divine. The Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) source is from a Universal consciousness. The Oneness Blessing is a personal experience for each individual. The Oneness Blessing does not propose any specific religion or denomination. It helps people from all walks of life, all religions and all spiritual paths, through personal experiences and heart-awakenings, to discover the pure and profound oneness in all things. We will also be doing a very special mediation to help you attract synchronicities and beautiful states of consciousness. Soul Sync Mediation: Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities. Heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind. Your will also experience sacred sound and mantras to help you connect with the inner source inside. There is no fee for this even but love donations are appreciated.

Casa Onenesss (Private Home)

4031 E. Cheery Lynn RD. · Phoenix, AZ

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Come experience the Blessing of Oneness and meet others who are on the path of consciousness and spirituality. Our group intention is to build community and enjoy the bonds of friendship as we usher in the Golden Age. It is our responsibility to live in Truth and Unity, sharing with others our authentic selves and Divine Nature. If you have walked this path through the ages or are only now realizing your call to know the Divine through knowing your Self, the Oneness Blessing will help you on every level to experience All that You Are. **Love Donations Accepted** in accordance with the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving. Follow your heart and give an amount that feels right to you in exchange for the many blessings you constantly receive from the Universe. Organizers Miguel Lopez, Amy Broderick, Sari Saliz have attended the 28-day deepening process at the Oneness University in India and is a trained Oneness Blessing Facilitator. Miguel Lopez is Sacred Chamber Facilators( Sacred chamber are divine healing rooms), an Advanced Trainer and Deeksha Giver. Our mission to help humanity enter into a state of Oneness by offering Deeksha or the Oneness Blessing.

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