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We are so grateful you have found us! There is no time like the present to join in Unity Consciousness & prepare for this great shift into the Golden Age!

This group and the events that will be following are for reaching higher states of consciousness, supporting humans and each other as we make this make this major shift in consciousness. We are building real community here

These events are dedicated to creating community and Oneness for all and also all over the valley. We also hold events in different parts of the state. We love for you to attend any our events and looking forward sharing this amazing new meditations and practices.

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Chakra Meditation and Supreme light Meditation an Online Event!!

Join us for a special evening of Supreme Light Meditation and Chakra Dhyna Meditation.

The word Deeksha means ‘blessing’ in Sanskrit. Deeksha is a transfer of high vibrational energy which is given through the Meditation. Those receiving Deeksha are often left with a deep sense of inner peace and tranquility, as well as a stronger connection to the higher sacred self. In practical terms, this happens by slowing down the mental processes, giving you a more direct connection to your inner guiding voice. Each individual's experience is personal and may vary.

You will also be experiencing the The Supreme Light of Supreme Love Meditation and Chakra Dhyna. These two powerful processes will help you build your connection with the divine in your heart. It raises your level of consciousness where you no longer feel a sense of separation, but experience a state of oneness with all creation, with life and the Divine.

The Supreme Light of Supreme Love source is from a Universal consciousness. This initiation and is a personal experience for each individual. It helps people from all walks of life, all religions and all spiritual paths, through personal experiences and heart-awakenings, to discover the pure and profound oneness in all things and to awaken the inner divine within you.

The Supreme Light of Supreme love meditation designed to start your own connection with your inner divine. This grace greatly intensifies the connection of each person with their own divine at a very deep level. It is not restricted to a specific spiritual practice or religion and works beautifully with all the universal energy that flows thru all life.

There is no fee for this even but love donations are appreciated.

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