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Strength Hike - Sponsored by Banas Sports Therapy

This Meetup is past


Ready for some "out of the box" training.

The reason most people slow down in endurance sports is NOT because of lack of cardio (or being out of breath), most people slow down because of muscular fatigue. Your muscles get tired.

So, how to you increase your muscular fatigue resistance? You combine strength training with endurance training.

The hike will be about 1.5 to 2 hours long. We will start at 6:30PM, just in time to see the sun set. We will then continue hiking in the dark.

San Tan Trail to Hedgehog and back to the parking lot.

Ideally you will bring a backpack with something heavy in it (a sand pill, log, weights). If you don't want to hike with weights, you are welcome to come just for the hike.

You will need:



Headlamp and/or flash light

Weights, sand pill or logs for weights

I have an extra pack and sand pills if someone needs them.

This is and easy hike, but we make it a little harder by carrying weight. We will also be doing various strength exercises along the way and we may have a group weight that we will carry along with a few push ups and squats along the way.

It is open to everyone and no one will be left behind.

You do need a Maricopa pass to get into the park.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Jeff Banas



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