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What we’re about

This group will delve into the source and cause of all negative emotions and offer help and solutions to solve these things. Psychosis, neurosis, compulsions and repressions of all kinds and classifications have been a problem for people throughout history. The current “solutions” of drugs and alcohol only pour the coals on the fire or at best are useless so that a person is left in worse condition addicted to drugs, alcohol or medication.
Join our free, online meetup this week to learn:
What can you do to have a better life with fewer problems?
How are your irrational thoughts directed and motivated?
How is your ability to think reduced by unresolved problems of the past?
Can you be happy again?
What makes you do strange and peculiar things?
Do you have tremendous, unresolved problems tying up your creativity?
Find your skill, happiness and survival potential as an individual.
Don't continue to struggle, there is a solution. Attend this meetup to find the solution and understand what is going on with you.
Join us! Click the “ATTEND ONLINE” button to RSVP and get the zoom link to attend.
This group is sponsored by the Dianetics & Scientology Life Improvement Center.