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A monthly gathering of Unity developers in the Boston area! We normally meet on the last Wednesday of each month.
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Making a Big Impact with Tiny Mass Games

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Hi BUG! This month we're hosting an exciting panel featuring the founders and first cohort of Tiny Mass Games!

Tiny Mass Games is a collection of small teams and solo developers from Massachusetts who are creating games with small timelines, focused scope, and big impact. They release a new batch of exciting, unusual, and compelling work once each quarter. Visit tinymassgames.com to learn more.

The Tiny Mass Games crew will be talking about their latest projects, the development process behind them, and the specific strategies the employed to reduce scope and ship quickly. Since these projects were all made in Unity, we’ll get the chance to learn some practical best practices around rapid prototyping.


Matt Brelsoford - Giant Light Studios
Matthew Brelsford is a creative programmer with over 15 years of experience making games, interactive toys, and generative art. He’s made games for Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Sesame Street, and countless educational organizations. He is the founder of Giant Light Studios, a company focused on creating artistic and playful experiences of all kinds.
The Only Tower is a minimalist action roguelike inspired by Dome Keeper and Vampire Survivors.

Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton is a game designer and programmer set to graduate from Tufts this May. He is a prolific creator of small games on itch, recently focused on horror games. He's currently working on Hellscaper (a goth citybuilder/deckbuilder), Danger Ducklings (a puzzle game about 2 adorably dumb ducks), and just finished making Be Honest for TMG quarter 1.

Be Honest is a horror personality quiz made by Ezra with music and audio by The Spookfish. The relatively standard "Buzzfeed style" personality quiz quickly becomes disturbing as a malevolent entity corrupts the game, including the advertisements on the sides. Be Honest was made in Unity and Ink.

Ichiro Lambe - Dejobaan Games
Ichiro is Founder and President of Dejobaan Games, LLC, an independent Boston-area game development studio. A 28-year industry veteran, he also advises VC-backed gaming startups, universities, and other industry organizations.

Jon Belini - Space Capsule Games
Jon is the founder of Space Capsule Games, a solo studio which strives to develop strategy and action games that offer an accessible, replayable and exciting experience. He’s a co-organizer of Boston Post Mortem, and has an extensive background in sound design, music, game development, and teaching college classes.

Million Monster Militia - Amass Your Militia - Gather civilians, soldiers, paladins, mutants, vampires, mecha, and nuclear bombs. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but the important bit is the synergies: Recruit the right combination of troops, and you'll probably kick giant boss butt.

Joshua Galecki
Joshua Galecki has been a hobbyist game developer for 14 years. He enjoys the variety of skills that games demand: design, coding, art, and music composition. Commercial releases include Dwarven Depths, Moondrop, and (coming soon) Within a Dead City.

Within a Dead City - Within a Dead City is a tiny 4X game inspired by Majesty. Manage a team of autonomous heroes as they search for gold and glory inside the cursed capital of a fallen empire.

Evan Martinez (not presenting but his game is represented)
Evan is a software engineer, and he studied game design over at MIT. When he's not coding or playing video games, he's probably playing guitar or reading. Want to get on his good side? You can't go wrong with a good bourbon!

Running Riot - Pick a class and blast your way through rooms of cyber enemies in this roguelike twin-stick shooter! Choose your abilities and your path wisely, because you've only got one life to make it through the gauntlet. Rack up those points and spend them on even more ways to RIOT! Enter the Running Riot gauntlet, where you'll engage in heart-pounding twin-stick combat against enemies trying to take you down!

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