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What we're about

Very simple really.....We are about providing an experience to a group of people that will stay with them forever.

We are committed to donating time, money, food, resources, energy, love, experience, whatever is needed to those in need as a collective group.

How it will work: We get together once per month to agree upon that months "Pay Aloha Forward" project, then we set the date and make it happen....Quite simple really.

We are not looking for recognition or accolades, rather, what we can do to put smiles on people's faces and love in their hearts.

It's time we organize to make changes locally to eventually spread globally.

We can absolutely make a difference in our community, especially when we come together as one.

Let's have fun, bring joy and love to people again and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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Help Volunteer for A BBQ Charity For Homeless Families

Weinberg Waimanalo Village

Sea Life Park for Homeless Families

Needs a location

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