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Blockchain for Humanity (b4H)
Blockchain for Humanity (b4H)
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The Community Gatherings are here to share the positive impact technology can have on Humanity and how we envision our contribution and continuous engagement #call2action.

Gatherings are organized as 90 minutes e-meeting sessions that includes a brief intro of the participating community members, two featured projects working on Social Impact, a Q&A session and an optional virtual networking.

Virtual Gathering Thu-April 9th

Starts at 18:00 CEST

5-10 minutes: Round of presentations for new community members. What are their motivations, describe the world they want to achieve, #call2action what is being done and what where is the gap or challenge.

20-30 minutes: Featured Project: VenezVit

VenezVit is purposed to make medicines reach the people who needs them. Its team believe that reliable and transparent traceability is not only a PRIORITY but a RESPONSIBILITY for the fight against fraud, corruption, and misappropriation of humanitarian aid goods, especially under the current pandemic crisis.

VenezVit is solving the lack of accountability in the workflow of major actors in humanitarian aid distribution, more specifically for vital and life-saving medications.

20-30 minutes: Featured Project: PhiEconomy

During unprecedented times such as the ones we are currently experiencing, we need an alternative and more resilient and sustainable economic model. PhiEconomy is the new theory designed to create a framework with new types of jobs and economics means for people who want to be part of a purpose-driven approach to value creation that leads to addressing local issues and gaps in society.

PhiEconomy's model aims at aligning incentives to get people involved in solving problems that impact their city, country, continent, or planet while deriving a source of income.

10-15 minutes: Virtual Networking if time allows it.

Ends at 19:30h CEST

Our main goal is to gather together as a Community to share ideas and challenges. Let’s do this together!