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This group is for parents who wish to cut out babysitting cost by swapping with other moms for occasional babysitting.

My intent is to start a babysitting group. We all know affordable, reliable babysitting can be hard to find, especially when you are new to the area. We also know it can get pricey. The sole purpose of this group is to form a close group of parents willing to babysit swap. There does not have to be a set schedule. We just communicate our needs and go from there.

As a single mom or any parent, balance can be super important. You need time to engage in social activities with friends, meet people, travel and hang out. This group will allow you to do so. I was fortunate enough to form a group last year. In that group i was able to meet alot of wonderful moms. I formed close bonds with many of them and we STILL CONTINUE to babysit swap a year later. It has been a true blessing and wonderful thing.

Because of those moms, I am able to run a side business, travel, hang out and go on dates. They have allowed me to continue my life with having a child. I am forever grateful. The ladies I grew to love are all fairly new to the area as well. So you can understand how amazing this has been for us. If you want to join, please do so! Would love to be able to help you as well.

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