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North Wilderness Beach Backpacking - 3 Days

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Olympic Coast - North Wilderness Beach to Rialto Beach

Hike Type: One Way (shuttle return)
Distance: 19.7 Miles
Duration: 3 Days
Departure: Sun. May 27, 2011 1:00pm (meet at P&R)
Return: Monday. May 30, 2011 (evening)
Elevation Gain: up to 600 feet over 3 days
Difficulty: Moderate
Hikers Allowed: Novice to Experienced
Location: Olympic Beach
Dogs: No


I haven't finished the trip planning for this yet and will update in the next few days. We'll meet at the Greenlake P&R about 1pm and depart about 1:30pm. We'll take the 3:00pm Bainbridge Ferry.

This trip requires two drivers, Ryan and one other vehicle for the shuttle. We will leave one vehicle at Rialto Beach and camp Friday night at Lake Ozette unless the group is up for a night hike to the beach (less than 3 miles flat).

Trip: This stretch of the Olympic coastline is one of the wildest and most scenic beaches anywhere in the US. North Wilderness Beach features countless tide pools packed with creatures crawling, swimming, or simply affixed to the rocks. Unremitting waves roll in through the fog to break apart on the sea stacks jutting into the Pacific Ocean. The route encounters the tall cliffs of Yellow Bank, a pair of memorials stand along the route, fords a creek, and rounds Cape Johnson before ending at Rialto Beach.

We will camp along the beach Saturday and Sunday nights. I will finish the trip and tide planning by this weekend and update the page.

Looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting some new people.

Note: bear canisters are required