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Datomic - a functional database with August Lilleaas

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August is a full-stack web developer at Kodemaker. He has built stuff for iOS, with Rails, on the JVM (mostly Clojure, some Groovy, very little Java), and actually likes user interface programming.

Datomic is more than just nosql. The server only does writes, not queries. Reads from data and index happens via storage services, which can be mysql, riak, dynamo, and others. The queries happen on the client itself. The database is represented as an immutable data structure. You can at any point in time get your database as of e.g 2 weeks ago.

This talk will explain how all of the above works, what "functional database" means, and which tradeoffs and benefits Datomic has chosen when compared to other database paradigms. Some experience in database concepts (ex: MVCC, dynamo style high write availability) and a general urge to know what happens under the hood is expected of the listener.

We will start up at 18:00 with Pizza and beer and when everybody is feed we start with the talk.

After the sessions at NITH we walk down to Oslo Mekaniske for some more beers