BALISP virtual social hour #2

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Bay Area Lisp & Scheme Users Group
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Hello, Lisp and Scheme hackers and friends. Since our first purely
virtual BALISP meeting went so well, let's meet again this Saturday,
May 16th, at 3pm PT. We'll use Jitsi Meet, a free, open-source
video-chatting system:

(Jitsi can be used entirely in the browser, or you can install the
Android or iOS app. There's no need to install the optional browser

Please tell us about interesting projects you've been working on, code
you've been studying, interesting articles or books you've been
reading, ideas you've had, startups you've started, COVID-19 hacks,
etc. Or just come to chat about Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, and other
related languages.