Thursday Night Games - HCLS - East Columbia Branch

20s & 30s Social & Games - Baltimore/Columbia/HoCo
20s & 30s Social & Games - Baltimore/Columbia/HoCo
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Rules for this location:
- You may bring non-alcoholic beverages and light refreshments
- The library closes at 9:00 PM, and we must finish by 8:45 PM
- We may not enter/use the room before the start time
- You may not move any tables. Movement of tables must be done by a library employee only.
- Any chairs used must be put away by 8:45 PM
- The room must be cleaned up by 8:45 PM. This includes picking up all trash, cleaning any mess made if you bring beverages/refreshments, putting away any chairs used. Basically leave the room in the same condition/state it was in when we arrive.
- You must vacate the library by 9:00 PM
- Failure to abide by these rules may cause the group to be denied future access to the rooms

If you play a game other than the ones I bring (AKA someone else's game), please be mindful of when the owner of that game may be leaving.

If you bring a game and choose to let others play it without you, please let them know if you plan on leaving early.

As always, be respectful of other people's games, enjoy yourself, and have fun!

I will be bringing a few games, but instead of hauling ALL of my games each time, just comment if there are any particular games that you would like me to bring.

I can bring any of the games from the link below (Feel free to bring any games you'd like):