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NASEMBA Business Alliance is a network of small and emerging businesses dedicated to social entrepreneurship. Our mission is to encourage the fair market exchange of goods and services between our members as we help fund and facilitate the formation of alliances that address our community’s most pressing needs.

In this Meetup, Richard Cuff, founder of NASEMBA Business Alliance, will personally share with you his vision for this group and help you find your place in this fast-growing network of socially minded entrepreneurs who don't ask, "What's in it for me?". Instead, we ask, "What's in for me to do for you so that I may be a blessing to you?".

This Meetup is not for you if you need help with things like fixing your credit or securing a business loan. But if you feel your product or service is ready to go to market, that you will be a blessing to others, or you are looking for a place where your vision will flourish, then join NASEMBA today by booking a membership session and let us help you make the most of your NASEMBA membership benefits.

Join NASEMBA Business Alliance and book a 30-minute coaching session:https://calendly.com/richard-cuff/30min

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