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ADVFilms is no more (it split into many smaller companies), but we can watch it's very first release; an action/comedy about a teenage Devil Hunter (which pre-dates Sailor Moon).

Devil Hunter Yoko: Yohko has a crush on Hideko, but as she's trying to fullfill her romantic dreams, her grandmother is forced to teach her about her devil hunter heritage, which contains powers that only work as long as she remains a virgin. She must save her lover and grandmother (a previous devil hunter), save the city from demonic conquest, and fullfill her role as the 108th generation devil hunter.

Devil Hunter Yoko 2: A construction crew accidentally releases a spirit, and it starts to torment the workers, a girl arrives at Yohko's door wanting to be trained in the ways of the Devil Hunter, and Yohko's best friend tries to advertise her Devil Hunting skills.

Devil Hunter Yoko 3: Tohko is magically transported to an alternate universe where she must save a man that has been communicating to her through her dreams and might be her one true love.

Devil Hunter Yoko 4-ever: 8 Music videos. Most likely will only watch the 2 videos with original animation (the rest are either clip music videos or live-action videos which only involve the singer sitting in a forest/stream/90's pattern background).

Devil Hunter Yoko 5: Hell On Earth: The demon that the original devil hunters formed to combat has finally returned, and his return could bring about a demonic conquest of Earth.

Devil Hunter Yoko 6: Double Jeopardy: Yoko must contend with a girl that looks exactly like her that is also a devil hunter, and not only wants to steal her life, but all the guys she has a crush on.

Historically, Devil Hunter Yohko came out at a time when most anime releases hadn't been marketed to teenagers and adults yet (fan translating imports not counting). A few people formed ADV, got the rights, fan-translated it, and then sold out at cons in 1992 (at a time when only 2 anime cons existed in America) and also released it to video stores everywhere. It was so successful, more indi companies formed to bring over anime to the US, in addition to making ADV the largest anime distributor of all time in America.