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Watch Anime 'Wars' (Library War, Venus Wars, Summer Wars)

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For this meetup, were going to watch 3 completely different anime with the word 'WAR' in their title; Library War: Wings Of Revolution, Venus Wars, & Summer Wars. Feel free to come to whichever ones you can make, as they will all start at different times.

Library War: Wings Of Revolution (1:00pm)

This is one of my favorite manga the last few years, and they just recently made a movie in 2012.

Fifty years ago, the state and federal government ended a brutal civil war (the federal FOR censorship, the state AGAINST) which resulted in library militias that protect free speech. Iku Kasahara has been with the State Library for a year and finally gotten the courage to ask the man she loves out on a date, when all hell breaks lose. The government passes a law that allows them to censor authors, giving them power to remove an entire authors books from circulation and force them to quit writing forever or face jail time. Iku & her commander must protect a controversial author from terrorists who want to prevent him from speaking in court to appeal the new law.

Venus Wars (3:30)

Two nations (Ishtar & Aphrodite) were the only two nations to terraform Venus. Now, after many decades, the first civil war begins. An earth reporter (Susan) trying to cover the war gets invovled with Sano, a motorcycle racer. When his family and friends are killed, and his city conquered and under martial law, the two find themselves unraveling a sinister plot that led to the war, and neither knows who they can trust. It's intense 90s action and suspence.

Pizza Time

Before the next movie, I'll have plenty of Pizza and Meatless Chicken Nuggets, plus some snacks and drinks.

Summer Wars (6:00)

Oz is a worldwide internet that controls virtually everything in the world.

Kenji is forced to pretend to be his friend's (Natsuke) boyfriend for a week for her aging grandfather. What she doesn't know is that Kenji already has a crush on her. However, he accidentally solves a math problem that gives a hacker free reign to control everything, from disrupting the world's economy, it's traffic, air flights, personal information, and even government installations. Kenji must find the mysterious hacker and battle it in a game of wits before the entire world descends into chaos. Winner of over 7 International Awards.

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