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So instead of an anime viewing this time, I wanted to try get a board game night going. This will be a mix of party games so we can play and hang out, and anyone new can meet and talk to more people in the group before going to Otakon.

I have enough space to have games going in 3 different rooms at once, and in one of those rooms I can have my 2 anime visual novels on DVD going if anyone is interested in playing those if you never have before (Exodus Guilty ( & Phantom; Phantom Of Inferno (

I just recently got Outburst ( & Taboo ( But I also have many other party games like Telestrations (, Cranium (, Scattergories (, Say Anything (, & Morphology (, and many more.

Later in the night we will play the VHS Clue Board Game (! It's a murder mystery where you not only have to figure out the murder, but deduce who each player is playing as. It can be fun to try in groups, or if you just want to watch. And I have transferred it to DVD so we can play it without rewinding and fast-forwarding (technology!).

You can see other games I have here (, but also feel free to bring your own.