RedisGraph and its use cases

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Bangalore Redis Meetup
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👉 Topic: Introduction to RedisGraph

👉 Agenda:

Redis is a noSQL database that enables users to store a variety of data in a variety of data structures. We saw a need for our customers to create highly connected data and derive insight by using graph technology. Originally released in 2018, RedisGraph is the result of that effort.

RedisGraph is based on a unique approach and architecture that translates the Cypher query language to matrix operations executed over a GraphBLAS-based engine. By using sparse matrices to represent graphs and the power of GraphBLAS to process them, RedisGraph delivers a fast and efficient way to manage and process graph data shown to have significant advantages over other approaches in some applications.

👉 Speaker:
Md. Farhan Memon

👉 How to attend:
- Live stream will start scheduled time, During the session you can ask your questions in youtube chat section