• Blockchain más allá de Bitcoin


    Hola a tod@s, Con el inicio del curso escolar, hemos pensado que sería una muy buena idea dar a conocer BIT BCN y algunos de los proyectos innovadores que están creando. El equipo formado por el Blockchain Institute & Technology responde a un amplio elenco de profesionales líderes en la industria 4.0 profesionales en activo de Blockchain, Internet of things, Inteligencia Artificial y Robótica. La agenda de este evento será la siguiente: 18:30 - Welcome y explicación de BIT (Lluís Mas, Founder & CEO) 19:00 - Animalia 19:15 - Preguntas y break 19:45 - Tokenomics 20:15 - Networking + bebidas + catering delicioso de Nostrum Este evento, está destinado tanto a perfiles más business como más técnicos, e incluso para personas que estén interesadas en conocer un poco más sobre Blockchain y hacia dónde va esta tecnología. No dudes en inscribirte y venir a pasar una buena tarde, rodeada de innovación, futuro, profesionales y entusiastas de este mundo.

  • Meetup de NEM veraniega


    ¡Hola a todos! Por fin vuelve una nueva edición de la Blockchain Barcelona. Esta edición estará dedicada a la teconolgía NEM. El primer ponente será David García (@dgarcia360), parte del equipo de NEM foundation, quien introducirá NEM y las nuevas funcionalidades de Catapult, su última actualitzación. Posteriormente, se diseñará e implementará un caso de uso real utilizando NEM. Y el segundo será Miguel Caballero (@mcaballero), CEO de Tutellus. Una ICO que se está desarrollando a través de NEM. Nos contará por qué migró de Ethereum a NEM y qué beneficios le comporta trabajar sobre esta plataforma. ¿Dónde será el evento? En Utopicus, en el centro de Barcelona, Ronda de Sant Pere 16. El próximo jueves 26 de julio ¿Cuánto durará? Será de 6:30 pm a 9:00 pm. Partiéndolo en dos partes: la primera parte será la demo de 18:45 a 19:15 y la segunda parte el speech de Miguel de Tutellus. El tiempo que nos sobre se dedicará a responder preguntas y a tomar algo en buena compañía! Y que no se nos olvide, con tanto calor hemos buscado un sitio con mucha cerveza y aire acondicionado. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? A diferencia de los anteriores este será en en castellano. But english speakers do not worry about anything! All of us will make the most to make you feel comfortable.

  • Blockchain Barcelona Meetup de casi verano


    ¡Hola a todos! Estamos encantados de presentaros una nueva edición de la Barcelona Blockchain Meetup. Con la inestimable ayuda de nuestros compañeros de Wibson hemos preparado un evento lo más entretenido posible. ¿Dónde será el evento? En Utopicus, en el centro de Barcelona, Ronda de Sant Pere 16 ¿Cuándo? El próximo jueves 21 de junio ¿Cuánto durará? Será de 6:30 pm a 9:00 pm. Partiéndolo en dos partes: la primera parte "demo tekkie" de 18:30 a 19:15 y la parte de speech + AMA de 19:30 a 20:15. Después networking hasta las 21 horas. Tekkie show: Skyllz ( y con los compañeros de RSK) explicarán las entrañas de su proyecto Blockchain. (Si queréis traer vuestro portátil para jugar un poquito no dudéis en hacerlo!) Speeching: La parte de ponencias empezará con Wibson y luego uno tras otro (Olyseum, RSK y Skyllz). Networking: Cervezas y charla durante 45 minutos. A diferencia de los anteriores este será en en castellano. But english speakers do not worry about anything, we will help you to understand everything!

  • Barcelona Blockchain Spring Meetup 2018

    círculo ecuestre

    We are happy to announce another amazing Barcelona Blockchain Meetup. This event will be the next 10th of May and it is handled by StartupToken. And also with the help of Skyllz, and Consilium (and us, for sure). Amazing projects will present you their disruptive solutions and professionals from the industry will give their insight and debate. The event will include the following startups: Tutellus.io Tutellus changes everything by paying the student for studying. When studying on the platform they will be rewarded in relevance ( a measure of their understanding of a specific subject or skill during the classes) and can monetize a part of this reward to buy new classes or as cash prize. Many companies have hard time to find talented individuals to help them for specific tasks, with Tutellus they can pay a fair fee to get in touch and hire the expert with the most relevance in any topic. Anyone can become a teacher, a tutor or a student and start adding skills to his resume at any age. https://www.tutellus.io/ EthicHub.com EthicHub is a platform that unilaterally grants access to international financial markets specifically to those who are currently excluded. It connects prospective investors to a wide variety of projects such as small-scale agricultural producers. This lending structure allows for lenders to gain access to a plethora of low-risk projects while significantly reducing costs for borrowers through Ethereum transferable assets. https://ethichub.com/ Bundle.network Bundle Network is an online platform connected to various exchanges, enabling users to purchase and sell multiple digital-assets within seconds of execution through one account and one click, at the best price possible either in bundles, or individually. It will also serve as an online meeting point for digital assets investors to share and discuss topics related to trading. http://bundle.network/ Mobilum.com Mobilum's unique system converts almost instantly your crypto into fiat and charge your own credit or debit card. It will works on any card system. The Mobilum Platform is a multi-asset, low-latency, high-frequency, MiFID compliant matching engine allowing best execution of different asset classes in real-time. http://mobilum.com/ Joins us the next 10 of may in Círculo Ecuestre and have a great time! Follow us on Twitter! StartupToken: @startuptoken Skyllz: @Skyllz_platform Consilium: @CoinsiliumGroup Us: @BlockchainBCN Tutellus: @tutellusico Ethic Hub: @EthicHub ‏ Bundle Network: @bundleofficial Mobilum: @Mobilumcom

  • Join us with RSK Labs

    Fab Lab Barcelona

    We're finally back from long holidays! And we are lucky to host an amazing project that will show you how important will be smart contract on Bitcoin. We are glad to have in our meetup RSK Labs! But we have more news! In order to make these meetup more dynamic and interesting we will split it in two different parts: FOR TEKKIES: 18:00 - 21 FOR EVERYBODY: 19:15 - 21 Day schedule: Tech track 18:00 / 18:15 Welcome ---- 18:15 / 19:15 ABC of RSK ---- 19:15 / 19:30 Break / Q&A / Non techs welcome 19:30 / 20:30 Continue tutoring or listen to non-tech presentation of blockchain RSK and SC 20:30 / 21 Networking and transactions gamification thanks to Jaxx We'll install one node: on the workshop we'll help everybody to do it, but if somebody wants todo it, you are more than welcome! Ubuntu: https://github.com/rsksmart/rskj/wiki/install-rskj-using-ubuntu-package Windows / Mac: https://github.com/rsksmart/rskj/wiki/install-rskj-using-fat-jar First operations with Smart contracts from RSK: the idea is to follow these tutorials while we give the talk non-tech https://github.com/rsksmart/tutorials/wiki Stay tuned on: @BlockchainBCN @RSKsmart For the workshop's assistants! - Bring a laptop! TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR TECH TRACK ASSISTANTS!! Solidity Compiler Java 8 JDK RSK Console Please remember that the event will be divided into two parts. However, anyone who wants to attend the workshop and the presentation will be more than welcome.

  • Barcelona Blockchain Summer Meetup

    Fab Lab

    The Barcelona Blockchain Summer Meetup is here! The next 20th of July we'll have the chance to listen to some great projects! We aim to bring here different initiatives that give us an all-around view about Blockchain ecosystem. Our speakers will be: - PopChest, https://popchest.com/ - Komodo, https://komodoplatform.com/#about - Adrià Aguadé Estivill, https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/Bitcoin-y-Blockchain-Barcelona/ - NEMPay, https://medium.com/@dgarcia360/introducing-nempay-bd721e383027 Come to join us on Fablab! We have air conditioning. Follow us on @BlockchainBCN #BBM

  • Unveiling Monero cryptocurrency

    Atraura Labs HQ

    Sometimes everything goes too fast! Today we have the pleasure to speak with Justin Ehrenhofer, (https://twitter.com/jehrenhofer?lang=es) one of the most active guys from Monero community. He will come to show us several privacy technologies Monero uses, discuss the history of privacy in cryptocurrencies, and explain Monero's weaknesses and development. It will be a great chance to know little bit more about one of the cryptos that are getting big day by day. We hope to see you there! Much to our dismay today we don't have cold beers...

  • Barcelona Blockchain Spring Meetup!

    Mobile World Centre

    We are happy to announce that the next Barcelona Blockchain Meetup will be the next 7th of June. We will have the chance to listen to some interesting and awesome initiatives from the Blockchain world. These meetup has the task to go further in our meetings. First of all we want to show you some awesome projects but secondly we want to connect all of you! For these reasons the meetup will be split in two blocks. 1. Projects presentations I. Wings Project II. NEM's new project III. Moneo IV. B9lab V. Fluon Ecosystem 2. Blockchain speed dating (and few beers). We will give you more details in the next days! Stay tunned!

  • Barcelona Blockchain Winter Meetup @ L'Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm

    Antiga Fabrica Estrella Damm

    The 20th of February will be the day to learn, share and innovate about Blockchain at l'Antiga Fàbrica d'Estrella Damm. The schedule for the event is as follows: 17:45 - What is Blockchain? Albert Castellana (NEM Foundation) - 15min 18:00 - Introducing the Blockchain Ecosystem Network (BECON Global) Dr Lluïsa Marsal, Becon Global Secretariat in Catalunya Mr Daniel Marco, Smart Catalonia program director at the Ministry of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and Information Society-Generalitat de Catalunya 18:20 - Blockchain & Sharing Economy - 20 min Marc Rocas (Researcher and management consultant) 18:40 - uPort: Decentralized Identity for All - 20 min Andrés Junge (Senior Architect & dApp Developer at ConsenSys) 19:00 - Introducing Aragon: Create and manage companies and organizations on top of Ethereum - 20 min Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo 19:20 - Status: Lowering Ethereum’s Barriers to Entry - 20 min Jarrad Hope, Co-Founder of Status 19:40 - Round table with all the speakers 20:00 - Networking & Beers