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Dungeons and Dragons (4e) - Daughter of Agony - Chapter 3

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A storm is brewing across the land. A sinister force weaves its dark ambition into the tapestry of the world... but to what end? A long-term Living Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons homebrew campaign set in Faerun.

Returning from their adventure in the Dale-lands, the party is soon sent off on another, but this time, the nature of the game has changed. How will the party save the city, when they have yet to determine what it is they are saving it from?

The story so far:

By chance, the group found themselves in the small village of Birchwood, where strange disappearances were found to be the work of a powerful Drow calling herself a Goddess. Our heroes have investigated and pursued her, finding that she is not yet a Goddess, but has laid plans for how she intends on becoming one. Hoping to stop this foul act before its crescendo, the party failed to prevent the Drow from receiving a cryptic wish being granted to her, but they did retrieve the medallion and repair the damage to the boundary between the Material Plane and the Feywild, quite possibly saving the world as they know it in the process. Whether this was a fair trade-off is still in question.

Still in pursuit of the Drow, the party then traveled to the trade-city of Illyria, where despite a history of peace and just rule, recent tax hikes have begun to split the Middle class, leaving only Lower and Upper. This has brought with it some tension. Recently, the Justice for District 3 was found murdered by an unknown (and powerful) assassin, and the King has made a promise to take away the power of the Merchant Guild to control the taxes. ... This has brought with it more tension.

Experience Log:

These reflect my records and may be (read: are likely to be) incorrect. Please compare with your notes and let me know if anything need be tweaked.

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