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Love Tones Concert
An Evening of Healing Sounds from the Heart

We are pleased to invite you to join us for a sound healing journey created live for you with sacred instruments, including the human voice. You will experience the sonic vibrations of the African Drum, Australian Didgeridoos, Ecuadorian Rattles, Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Angelic Voices, Tuning Forks and Tibetan Chimes. The sound healing concert will be followed by a Tibetan Sword Clearing and a special Gong Meditation.

Come to experience multiple dimensions of your being, to journey beyond the constraints of the time and space, and let the healing vibrations carry you home. Immersed in a bath of sound, the logical mind is invited to let go, creating a doorway from the realm of form and structure to...somewhere else....

The experience is designed to create changes in your neurophysiology and in the Nero-transmittal patterns in your body. Various forms of healing and transformation become available, although your particular journey (even from one session to the next) is guaranteed to be a completely unique mystery, one that awaits your discovery....

We know from alchemical and shamanic traditions and the science of neurophysiology that the sound healing modalities you will experience are likely to increase right hemispheric brain activity. This can lead to a more fluid and expansive perception of reality, and even a felt sense of oneness with "all that is."

We'd love it if you were to bring your open mind, your open heart, and your highest intentions for co-creating a space of magical transformation and healing...and allow the Tones of Love to caress your heart, while carrying you beyond the normal realm of form, structure, time and space....

Chairs will be provided, as will be space to lie down. Please bring anything else you need to sit or lie down comfortably for up to 90 min (pillows, blanket, padding or yoga mat, etc).


Rich Raffals - African/Latin Drums, Australian Didgeridoo, Ecadorian Rattles, Tibetan Chimes, Vocals.
Rich leads bi-monthly sound healing concerts. He's also an emotional counselor, healing touch practitioner, and a spiritual/life coach.

Suzette Marie – Vocals, Drums, Rattles
Suzette is an Intuitive Reader. Some of Suzette’s work consists of transforming energetic space with medicine songs, drumming, reiki, chakra clearing, and providing dream journeys to receive guidance on a subjects. Suzette has studied for over a decade with dream expert Robert Moss and various other healers throughout the country.

Tara Singh – Gong meditation: The sound of the gong introduces an energetic shift of our magnetic field. This allows us to process information in a new expanded way that allows us to move beyond the boundaries of the mind. Within this unique resonance of sound we relax, heal and experience a moment of empowerment
More about Tara :

Enrique Silva –Tibetan Singing Bowls, Fire Swords, Vocals.
Enrique is a Certified Shambhala, and Tibetan Ritual Healing Practitioner. He has studied at the Shambhala Center at Mount Shasta California. He practices the Melchizedek method of Shambhala Healing/Touch of the Divine Mother.

Karina Ghor – Vocals, Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Rattles.
Inspired by mystical events of her own life Karina was taken by the Creation Story into the realm of Sound and is working on the development of the sound healing modality discovered in Russia with bio wave and embodiment. Karina is a Certified Sound Healer Practitioner.

Nadya Meyman – Vocals, Singing Bowls, Rattles.
Nadya is a Siberian Shaman and practices many yoga healing modalities, sacred geometry moving meditation and leads a weekly experiential women study group on topics of Reality such as Ten Principles of Consciously Creating, Flower of Life, Tree of Life and Practice of Truth.

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