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I am considering an overnight on Lake Sonoma. I myself have never navigated this lake. I think it needs a couple of days to do so. Let me know your interest for this weekend and if enough folks are interested, I will reserve camp sites as appropriate.

(Each site is $28.00 with up to three to four tents per site, so the cost still isn't much).

This is a good paddle for everyone. No specific tides to deal with. (Boat traffic is a possibility).

For myself I am thinking it would be good to paddle into our sites, set up camp and then head out. I would like to try to circumnavigate as much of the lake as possible. If not possible in one day, then cover the rest of lake the second day before breaking camp. For those of you who are fishermen, (I am not, however I am happy to cook and eat anything caught) I believe there are spots for fishing. There is also a little hiking, swimming etc.

Lots to do.

For kayak rental, most likely the closest is Rivers Edge. The link is: http://www.riversedgekayakandcanoe.com/. Someone in our group may know of a better option.

Finally, I will pick up all the camping permits, however for anyone parking at Yorty Creek (which is where I will be launching from) please make sure you stop at the Visitors Center for your parking pass first.

When I have the actual camp sites locked in, I will update this message with the site locations.