Rebirthing Breathwork Advance Study and Facilitor Training


Hamsa Integral Breathwork Training
Unifying the Separation in Life
Rebirthing Breathwork Training, is a year-long program for Creating Opening, Presence and Connection to Heal (Body), Energize (Life) and Awaken (Mind) .

200 Hrs training:
• Level 1 (25 hrs)
• Level 2 (50 hrs)
• Level 3 (125 hrs)

You can take Level 1 alone, or Level 1 and 2, or all three Levels.
Dates and Times
Starting date: Sunday, August 5th 2018, at 1 PM,

About Hamsa Integral Breathwork
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Techniques such as Conscious Connected Breathwork, Integral Yoga and Life Practices, The Presence Process, Psycho Synthesis, Deep Relaxation, Visualization and Integral Meditation are used synergistically during the process to achieve deep and profound result.

Registration Fee: $25 registration fee.
Fee can be waived if you register before July, 21, 2018, but it is non-refundable.
Level 1, Foundational Study: $350.00

Payment plans, trade-in-kind agreements, and scholarships are available; No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.
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This intensive training combines classroom meetings one weekends per month from 1 PM to 6 PM including 1.5 hours of weekly class, weekly email and phone follow-up and personal practice. Students are expected to conduct one hour of personal practice every day plus an additional five hours of study and time assessment each month.

Level 1
30 hours course, starting Sunday, August, 5th, 1pm, 2018

Foundational study with *Presence Process practice (for Opening, Presence and Connection)

Three 5 hrs-Sundays and Twelve 1.5 hrs weekly classes
Along with Developing Breath awareness, Increasing Breathing capacity, Healing Breath Holding patters *We will practice Presence Process –[A Journey into PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS-as suggested in Michael Brown`s Book.]

Dates: Sun., Aug. 5th,2018, 1 PM to Sun, Oct.21st,[masked] PM
Sun., Aug. 5th , , 2018, 1 PM to 6 PM
Sun , Sept.2nd, 2018, 1PM to 6 PM
Sun, Oct. 21st, 2018, 1 PM to 6 PM
And in between 1.5hrs of Weekly classes (TBA)

Curriculum (summary)
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Lesson 1: Elements of Basic Practices: Understanding Breath and Breathing Process

Lesson 2: Foundation of Breathing
3 Foundational Breathing : Lengthening Exhalation, Full Belly Breathing, Hip Rocking Breathing (Spinal Movements)

Lesson 3: Basic Anatomy of Breath: The Science of Breathing

Lesson 4: Restricted Breathing Patterns
Common Breath Holding Patterns

Lesson 5: Awakening Body and Breath-1
Role of Postures for Optimum Breathing

Lesson 6: Opening to Healing and creative channel-1
Sensitizing and Awakening Prana
Merging with the Breath

Note: We will meet once a week for 12 weeks either in person or through internet and Once a month for 3 weekend (Sat or Sunday) in person, I am looking forward to walk this adventurous journey with you!

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