Valentine Day Celebration: W/ Breathwork, Movements and Community


Valentine Day Breathwork: Creating Space and Energy to Awaken Beloved within and without

Inviting and Celebrating Love

using the breath

~to connect the wisdom of your body, to open your heart and clear your mind.

~ to cultivate enough energy that moves freely and creatively integrating all dimension of your life, in an open space of consciousness,

In this workshop we will explore, learn and practice

~ How to deepen our intimacy and love with ourselves and with other.

~ How to deepen our skill, to communicate, to touch, to be sensitive, to be present in each moment and

~ How to enjoy and grow in harmony with the self, other and the world

Some of the practice we will cover are:

~ Opening your body and breath by shaking and dancing movements
~3 centers Breathing and Rocking the spine breathing (Ecstatic breathing) to develop our capacity enjoy free from stress, worry and concern of tomorrow.
~Warming the stove breathing
~Heart Breathing to awaken inner lover
~Back to back, Eyes gazing and Hug Breathing
~Breathing with movements and dance to connect with other
~Resting on the light in the Heart and Open space meditation

Join the evening and enjoy Community with Chocolate and Chai-;)

Feb, 14th, 8pm-10pm, Donation: $20-$30, if rsvp by Feb 10, after or at the door< $25-$35

Feb 15th, 4pm-7pm, $35-$50, if rsvp by Feb 10, after or at the door $40-$50

Both. $45-$60, if rsvp by Feb 10, after or at the door< $50-$65

you can join evening of Friday and/or Sat.

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