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Paramount Theater: "NORTH BY NORTHWEST" for 5 Dollars!

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OUR MEETING LOCATION: STARBUCKS Coffee on W. Grand off Broadway, from 6:00 - 6:45pm, located 2 blocks from

the Paramount Theater...

Followed by the 8pm showing of...

NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) - One of Alfred Hitchcock's masterpieces: suspense, intrigue, comedy, thrills. A sleekly handsome Cary Grant as hapless advertising executive Roger Thornhill is the perfect match for the innocent (or is she?) Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint) and the sinister Phillip Vandamm (James Mason). As Roger criss-crosses the country on the run from the police and a mysterious cabal of spies, he encounters some of Alfred Hitchcock's greatest and most iconic set pieces - including the famous crop duster scene! And, of course, the film's finale on Mount Rushmore is one of cinema's most suspenseful climaxes. Also starring Martin Landau and Leo G. Carroll. With one of the wittiest scripts ever filmed, the movie was nominated for three Academy Awards, including best Film Editing, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, and Best Writing / Story and Screenplay.

Some scenes may not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

Given the film's popularity, this will be a SELL-OUT EVENING (3500 seats). You can buy tickets online, but usually there's no need to. Just get in line early at the box office (it opens at 6pm; cash only) and then head over to meet everyone at Starbucks. In the past, you could sometimes buy your tickets in the early afternoon, too, around the corner on 21st Street at the theater's side entrance... Seats will fill to capacity by at least 7:45, so be sure to arrive early. People who forget to print out their online ticket purchases at home should still be able to pick up their tickets at the box office with a valid photo ID.

Enclosed (LINK) is the original movie trailer Here are the encapsulated meetup directions

But read the entire e-mail!

1. Buy your ticket first. If you wait too long, there may be long lines at the box office, or the show may sell out ... Sorry, but we will not be saving seats for people in the theater.

2. Meet us at Starbucks Coffee at 420 W. Grand street, from 6:00 - 6:45 pm.

3. If you did not see us in line or meet us at Starbucks (directions below), try and meet us in the front section of the theater balcony after 7pm (see step "4" below in this message for further details).


Mobile messaging does not function THRU the Meetup site, so you will have to find ME the hard way. The purple sweatshirt.

Bring rain gear if bad weather looms!

Now see "NORTH BY NORTHWEST" again on the big screen! The Paramount Screen!!! For only 5 bucks!! In grand color!

See the bottom of this page for show-time details

This Theater Photo Is a Clickable Link to Hidden Treasure!

Nothing could be more fun than an old classic film. Oops, yes there is something more fun! An old classic film at the nation's most beautiful art deco theater, The Paramount! It's like stepping back into the past, into one of those glorious movie palaces of a bygone era! And all for a five-dollar admission. That's right, five bucks!

Film showings at the Paramount include a half-hour organ concert of classic songs (starting at 7:30), followed by cartoons, newsreels, clips of coming attractions, and even a raffle drawing with prizes such as dinners for two at some of the area's finest restaurants! Winner of the East Bay Express's "Best Movie-Going Experience" and voted "Best Deal in the Bay Area," it's a wonderful night out on the town!

I will be hoping to meet similar-minded moviegoers that Friday night. So who's with me? I recommend taking BART, which stops right underneath the theater, letting you avoid the 25-minute traffic jam at Caldecott Tunnel. Should you attempt to drive, I or the group will offer an escort to your car.

Parking is a typical city experience. However, a for-hire PARKING garage sits right next to the Paramount should you make the car trip! Rumors of ten bucks cost all night. Some patrons have instead parked at the MacArthur BART station and then taken BART over since it's cheaper than using Oakland's parking garages, but still it's a bit of a hassle.

BART Directions: Take BART to the 19th Street Station. Travel to the rear of the train/station and take the escalator up. Continue to the Exit turnstiles at the rear of the station, and then take a left, going up the escalator to street level. Do a right U–turn on the street and behold the Paramount marquee (P) ahead! Cross 20th Street.

After purchasing your tickets, CONTINUE two blocks north on Broadway to W Grand Ave. Meet me at Starbucks which is located on the Northwest side of the street.

Starbucks Coffee 6:00 - 6:45

420 W. Grand Avenue, Oakland, CA

(510) 834-8406

With previous experiences, I can say that it's no fun being late. So I will be going early to the theater since past films that have played there practically sold out by curtain rise. So I will meet you from 6 – 6:45 at Starbucks Coffee Shop.

Finally, Step 4............

I'll be wearing a purple S.F.S.U. sweatshirt, reading a book ( me, Lawrence Assist Organizer )

If you're late... At 6:45, you may catch us back at the theater in line to get the good seats in the balcony. If you arrive after 7:00 PM, just go up to the balcony and look for us in the middle of the first 9 rows (again, in the balcony, not on the first floor). Look for my purple S.F.S.U. sweatshirt (either on me or draped over the walkway railing).

Bring warm clothing since the theater is air conditioned and can sometimes be chilly.

Schedule at the theater itself:

6 PM Box office opens

7 PM Doors open

7:30 Organ performance

8:00 Show time!

See you there!


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