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San Jose International Short Film Festival

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Tickets for Northern California Filmmakers @ 7:30 are SOLD OUT, at least online. I will still attend the 5:30 showing of The Human Experience and will be at Vintage Wine Merchants at 9p.

You are also invited to join me for the 5:30 showing of The Human Experience, a compilation of films from around the world. I'll be at the entrance to the theater--not the lobby--at 5:15. Between screenings we can grab refreshments in the lobby.

Last year's festival was remarkable for a few reasons: world-class films :)), no lines (!), ample seating (!), and easy parking (what?). However, parking is not always easy at Santana Row, so I do advise arriving early. This year's festival promises to "showcase the best in contemporary filmmaking with thought-provoking and innovative short films that will amaze and astound you." Our PA Indie Films Meetup is offered a 25% discount on tickets and passes.
We will meet @ 7:30p inside at the entrance to the theater where the film is screening--not in the lobby--and view a compilation of short films by Northern California Filmmakers. Showtime is 7:45p, and the run time is about 1 1/2 hrs.
After the films, we will meet just outside the theater entrance (not the main entrance in the lobby) and make our way across the street to Vintage Wine Merchants ( (click for info), to enjoy wine tasting and small plates. NOTE: this is not the Vintage Wine Bar, which is located outdoors in the center of Santana Row "strip." The two are related, but the outdoor wine bar tends to be more crowded.
Visit the web site (
Click Here to Order Tickets and Passes ( for Northern California Filmmakers. (It's a little confusing that the date Oct 17 appears; that is the last date to purchase tickets, not the screening date).
To receive a 25% discount, use code meetup13
Box Office: 408-673-8173
Enjoy the films!
A Simple Touch
USA, John Uribe, 10min.
A couple going through financial struggles plus the stress of a new baby. Mei Ling throws herself into finding work to support her family, while she goes to another interview, her unmotivated husband finds distractions at home that could tear their world apart.
USA, Nicholas Dobkin, 6min.
When people die, they get one chance to play a game of their choice against Moria, the God of Death. Win and life is prolonged, lose and you die. Until a dying soul makes a unique request that just might change everthing.
USA, Navjyot Bandiwadekar, 20min.
Subala, an aspiring actress, refuses to let her disfiguring scar stop her from dreaming of Broadway stardom. Upon discovering a Book of Secrets, her dream finally seems possible.
Ghost Corp
USA, Dave Bundtzen, 8min.
The premiere episode of Ghost Corp, a mystery, action adventure web series.
USA, Jonathan Fung, 15min.
Confronted with a moral dilemma to save his own life or risk the life of another, one man must face a harsh reality and choose between light or a world of ultimate darkness.
Lil Tokyo Reporter
USA, Jeffrey Chin, 30min.
1935 Los Angeles. Based on the true story and life of civil rights leader & newspaperman, Sei Fujii. While the country struggles through the Great Depression, the Japanese American community unites for survival against local mafia, mistrust and social injustice.
USA, Gregorio Back, 14min.
A young married couple struggles through a stale marriage. She decides to spend a night out with her friends. Troubled, he too heads out to a bar for a drink, only to find his wife with another man. Is this the future of their marriage, or the next evolution of their relationship.