[Santa Clara] Guadalupe River Trail Saturday Morning Run

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Come for a run along the Guadalupe River. We will be running along Ulistac Natural Area that showcases seven distinctive natural habitats -- including grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, and savannah.

We will start from Thamien Park parking lot and will run 4, 6, 8 or more miles depending on who shows up. if you want to cut out sooner, then you can just turn around.

Beginner are always welcome.

We meet at 6:55 and stretch for a few minutes and leave promptly at 7:00

Some mornings a few members of the group might meet earlier to do a few more miles. Check the comments to see what people are doing. I will always be there at 7 AM scheduled time to get the run started.


There is limited parking at the park but plenty of street parking on lick mill blvd.

Water & Restroom:

There is water fountain and restroom at the start but restrooms don't open till 8 am. Water fountain and restroom at trail and Gold street intersection(mile 2.5). Water fountain and restroom(may not be open sometimes) at Alviso marina parking lot(mile 3). It's a out and back route so you always come back to these spots.

Post a comment if you have questions.

Post run breakfast at Mikayla's

Address: 2209 Tasman Dr, Santa Clara, CA 95054