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Jane W.

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League City, TX

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Mar 1, 2012


Poetry got me this way: I went to a poets' group. Don't even remember why, but I liked the people. After going a while, I felt embarrassed that I had nothing to contribute. Started writing poems and found I enjoyed it and was pretty good at it.

What kind of writing do you enjoy the most?

Poetry and flash fiction.

How long have you been writing or wanting to write?

Don't quite remember when I started writing, but I started caring more about it about 45 year ago.

Are ideas hard to come by or is it time you need?

I'm spoiled. I like my life. If I don't have an idea, I do something besides writing. If an idea strikes, I jump at it even if I have to get out of bed at night to do it. When I wrote a sermon every week, the central idea presented itself after praying about the Bible text. When I wrote more business/technical things the idea was presented by the need. I like writing a lot but have some higher priorities. Writing is desert!