Legacy App Powerwash: Implementing Continuous Delivery and Migrating to Azure

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Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are processes that can save time/money, and introduce quality, and predictability to a software project. This talk will cover our team's journey in 2013 from start to finish as we migrated one our larger legacy applications to Azure, and implemented Continuous Delivery. If we could do it with this project (which still uses Classic ASP and custom COM components), you can do it in any project!

We will touch on the following during this session:

- Migrating a large repo (23,000+ files, 1.4GB) from Subversion to Git.

- Using blob storage to serve static files, and automatically publishing them from a Git repo.

- Automating builds using tools like PSake, MSBuild, and Powershell.

- Implementing "Infrastructure as Code" / Immutable Servers with an Azure Cloud Service.

- Setting up a Site-to-Site VPN to connect Azure to an on premise infrastructure.

- Implementing Continuous Delivery using TeamCity and Octopus Deploy.

- Optimizing our process so the full build pipeline, from git commit to full production deployment, could take 15 minutes.

- Setting up automated integration tests using PhantomJS and HttpClient.

- Implementing Continuous Deployment for console jobs running in Azure VM's.

About Giscard Biamby

Giscard has worked in the higher education marketing technology space for 10 years, specializing in process automation & optimization, cloud migrations, email marketing, lead generation, and designing and building high performance web sites. He enjoys working with and contributing to open source projects like Orchard CMS and NancyFX, and using cool technologies like AngularJS, ElasticSearch, and Vagrant. Giscard works at The Princeton Review as Executive Director of Software Development, and you can read his blog at http://gbiamby.com (http://gbiamby.com/)